Sample poems

Issue #35, Fall 2015

the casket lowered
i wake daily
into the wrong life

Vivian Hua

You Are Here
the sunlit whirl
of thistle seeds

Christopher Patchel

our raft on warm sand
the icy river flows on
around the bend

Ruth Yarrow

starlings in her voice a winter’s worth of worry

Francine Banwarth

a wish list
for my next life
autumn blaze maple

Carolyn Hall

unplanned pregnancy
the hum of a beehive
beneath the porch

John McManus

night flurries
the express bus idles
by an empty bench

Joe McKeon

Issue #34, Spring 2015

ponderosa pine
what fog
makes of it

Cherie Hunter Day

post-op pain
the black crows
line up

Jenny Fraser

a passer-by
hidden in himself
falling rain

Ernest Wit

crack of dawn
the silence slowly
leaks away

Michele Root-Bernstein

Sunday morning
the distant clank of a train
some world or other

Philip Rowland

mirrored mountain . . .
in and out of the stillness
a trout’s silver skin

Robert Gilliland

sea otter . . .
the moon opens
on a stone

Debbie Strange

Issue #33, Fall 2014

empty park
two crows start
the world over

Robert Epstein

winter leaf–
how she cups the pills
in her hand

Marianne Paul

spring beginning
even the sound of the rain
is green

Alan Pizzarelli

bus stop
a plastic bag jellyfishing
in the breeze

Ben Moeller-Gaa

tulip stand
a tourist bends back
his phrase book

Sharon Pretti

flowing river–
the bereaved girl holds
a palm-full of water

Pravat Kumar Padhy

repairing the halo
around the streetlight
a flutter of moths

Stuart Bartow

Issue #32, Spring 2014

whale song
I become
an empty boat

Michelle Tennison

end of summer . . .
dumping the moon
back in the well

Julie Warther

white chrysanthemums
the realtor centers
her pearls

Roberta Beary

late autumn morning
rain in the hollow
of a punctured ball

Paul Chambers

bare trees
a church bell echoes
a church bell

Dietmar Tauchner

washing basket
my youngest
sets sail

John McManus

the oak in its place
the road also

Elizabeth Steinglass

Issue #31, Fall 2013

Mars One—
a butterfly
pumps its wings

Lorin Ford

overcast morning
the road worker’s gaze
on southbound geese

Ferris Gilli

back splicing
a mooring line
talk of home

Joseph Robello

between this world and the next morphine

Roland Packer

beneath dark winter limbs
a field of green

Jenny Fraser

Crab apple blossoms
A shovel full.

Alexis Rotella

the rook takes back
its moon

Alan Summers

Issue #30, Spring 2013

long summer day . . .
cuckoo songs from a new place
deeper in the woods

Anita Virgil

once or twice
a fin breaks the surface
this passing life

Bruce Ross

prenuptial contract
fish bones neatly spaced
on white china

Ron Moss

a sparrow flies off
with another piece
of my shredded poem

Alan Pizzarelli

I am earth again
rain moving through the bluestem

Chad Lee Robinson

no wind
even the dog’s bark drops
at its mouth

d.e. connelly

floating in the lake
the sky
my breath

Michele Root-Bernstein


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