Sample poems

Issue #33, Fall 2014

empty park
two crows start
the world over

     Robert Epstein

winter leaf–
how she cups the pills
in her hand

     Marianne Paul

spring beginning
even the sound of the rain
is green

     Alan Pizzarelli

bus stop
a plastic bag jellyfishing
in the breeze

     Ben Moeller-Gaa

tulip stand
a tourist bends back
his phrase book

     Sharon Pretti

flowing river–
the bereaved girl holds
a palm-full of water

     Pravat Kumar Padhy

repairing the halo
around the streetlight
a flutter of moths

     Stuart Bartow

Issue #32, Spring 2014

whale song
I become
an empty boat

     Michelle Tennison

end of summer . . .
dumping the moon
back in the well

     Julie Warther

white chrysanthemums
the realtor centers
her pearls

     Roberta Beary

late autumn morning
rain in the hollow
of a punctured ball

     Paul Chambers

bare trees
a church bell echoes
a church bell

     Dietmar Tauchner

washing basket
my youngest
sets sail

     John McManus

the oak in its place
the road also

     Elizabeth Steinglass

Issue #31, Fall 2013

Mars One—
a butterfly
pumps its wings

     Lorin Ford

overcast morning
the road worker’s gaze
on southbound geese

     Ferris Gilli

back splicing
a mooring line
talk of home

     Joseph Robello

between this world and the next morphine

     Roland Packer

beneath dark winter limbs
a field of green

     Jenny Fraser

Crab apple blossoms
A shovel full.

     Alexis Rotella

the rook takes back
its moon

     Alan Summers

Issue #30, Spring 2013

long summer day . . .
cuckoo songs from a new place
deeper in the woods

     Anita Virgil

once or twice
a fin breaks the surface
this passing life

     Bruce Ross

prenuptial contract
fish bones neatly spaced
on white china

     Ron Moss

a sparrow flies off
with another piece
of my shredded poem

     Alan Pizzarelli

I am earth again
rain moving through the bluestem

     Chad Lee Robinson

no wind
even the dog’s bark drops
at its mouth

     d.e. connelly

floating in the lake
the sky
my breath

     Michele Root-Bernstein

Issue #29, Fall 2012

raking my yard
into piles

     Jayne Miller

the old-man stance
of a snowy egret
the new year begins

     Carolyn Hall

sitting alone at the bar
with others sitting alone
spring drizzle

     Stephen A. Peters

girl on a bike
the clouds moving
with her

     Bill Kenney

a steamed oyster
and the winter sky
pried open

     David Borden

ebb tide
the night nurse
closes your eyes

     Seánan Forbes

I forget the rest
of the story

     Tom Painting

Issue #28, Spring 2012

plum blossoms . . .
I shake off all thoughts
of returning home

     Chen-ou Liu

you’re not telling me . . .
camellia buds

     Claire Everett

a small adjustment
to stay en route
sunlit pines

     George Swede

fading memories
a flurry of finches
against the spring sky

     Billie Wilson

what is not negotiable
summer solstice

     Victor Ortiz

her letters . . .
a birch tree holds the snow
in its crooked places

     Francine Banwarth

fingers set
on the home keys—
my resolutions

     Christopher Patchel

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